Snow Removal Services

Getting rid of snow from your porch, driveway and backyard hasn’t been this easy.

Snow is the last thing that should stop you from seizing the day! We know how much snow we get in Calgary and we will help you remove snowfall from around your home so that you can get productive quickly. No more shoveling and callisthenics, simply call us and get the snow removed!

What do our snow removal services offer?

At Minty Fresh Cleaning, we value your time and schedule, hence our snow cleaning services offer the following advantages


●    Arrange as many visits to your home or apartment in a month

●    Speedy snow removal that saves time, effort and costs

●    Priority calls for offices and commercial establishments

●    Service availability during heavy snowfalls

●    Mechanized equipment for snow cleaning


We reward our customers with


●    Flexible booking timings - book a visit in flexible slots

●    Deep snow removal - We remove snow where entire vehicles, houses and articles are covered under snow

●    We will provide service without you even knowing - wake up to a freshly shovelled driveway 


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Contact us for snow removal services to easily get all your house, office or commercial establishment snow removal done with minimum hassles. Live clean and stay healthy with our comprehensive cleaning service.