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Commercial Cleaning

We Are Just A Call Away For The Best Commercial Cleaning


Commercial cleaning is the cleaning of commercial properties, such as cleaning of offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs, schools, movie theatres, warehouses, and malls. At Minty Fresh Cleaning, we are well aware of the most professional techniques and improvement services that can be extended to your commercial property to maintain its visual beauty and hygienic quotient.

Minty Fresh Cleaning provides the best commercial cleaning service and completely understands how critical it is for you to keep your workplace spotless and hygienic for prospective clients. We are known for our excellent and prominent commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning includes:

●    Break room

●    Restrooms

●    Floor care

●    Trash disposal 

●    Cleaning and dusting of furniture, etc.

●    Extra sanitization for COVID-19


Why is Commercial Cleaning so Important?

Just like our house, our workplace also needs to be clean and hygienic. There is a drastic effect on the employees if you do not provide them with a workplace that is clean and free from all germs causing diseases. Our services are present for the following commercial places :


 • Offices

 • Restaurants

 • Hotels

 • Retail Stores

 • Car dealerships

 • Shopping Malls, etc.


Why should you choose Us?

We at Minty Fresh Cleaning, always use the best available types of equipment, procedures are proper technologies. That’s how we ensure the health and a clean work environment for you and your employees. If you are interested in availing of our commercial cleaning services, all you have to do is fill out a booking request or give us a call!

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