Lawn Maintenance

Allow us to make your lawn a sight to behold, with our professional lawn service Calgary


Refresh your lawn with lush green grass and soothing aesthetics with our dedicated lawn care services. At Minty Fresh, we go the extra mile to maintain the landscaping of your lawn while keeping it a delight to walk in. Equipped with professional tools, our staff is at your disposal with just a phone call!

What does our lawn maintenance company offer?

Minty Fresh is ready to make your lawn come to life again, with the following service offerings;


●    Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lawn cleaning cycles

●    Lawns of all shapes and sizes are covered with the same quality standards

●    Grass cutting and landscaping as per your satisfaction

●    Special service for overgrown lawns needing immediate attention

●    Subscribe to only cleaning, cleaning and grass cutting or all at once


Why hire Minty Fresh for lawn maintenance?

Minty Fresh is a renowned name in Calgary for all kinds of lawn maintenance services with specialized lawnmowers. Our service ethics and customer satisfaction make us one of the most reliable vendors for lawn services.


We reward our customers with


●    Flexible booking timings - book a visit in flexible slots

●    Hygiene Conscious - Be assured of your family’s health with our hygiene policies during and post-cleaning

●    Growing Client base - Be a part of our hundreds of clean homes in Calgary that work with us

●    Customized Lawn Cleaning - Customize clipping length, debris disposal and lawn cleaning as per your liking

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Contact Minty Fresh Cleaning for lawn maintenance cleaning services to easily get all your house, office or commercial establishment lawn cleaning done with minimum hassles. Live clean and stay healthy with our comprehensive cleaning service in Calgary.


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