Post Party Cleaning

Calgary likes to party hard because Minty Fresh is there for the post-party blues!

Wake up the morning after a big party and not want to lift a finger? Give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible! When it comes to post-party cleaning services, Minty Fresh tops the charts. While you enjoy the party to the fullest, you needn’t get anxious with post-party cleaning. Simply dial Minty Fresh and we’ll dust the shelves, repack the drawing-room and empty the litter, as per your liking!

What do our After Party Cleaning Services offer?

It’s hard to do all the after-party cleaning on your own. Hiring us for after party cleaning services will give you the following assurances


●    Thorough cleaning of the house to remove any kind of litter

●    Disposing leftover waste from the party

●    Dusting and cleaning furniture, and floor, for end-to-end cleanup

●    Pickup and removal of littered items at your place

●    Mopping and wiping of areas dirtied due to the party


Why hire Minty Fresh for After Party Cleaning?

Minty Fresh is a renowned name in Calgary for all kinds of cleaning services and now we offer comprehensive party cleaning in Calgary. Our service ethics and customer satisfaction make us one of the most reliable vendors for lawn services in Calgary.


We reward our customers with


●    Flexible booking timings - book a visit in flexible slots

●    Hygiene Conscious - Be assured of your family’s health with our hygiene policies during and post-cleaning

●    Growing Client base - Be a part of our hundreds of clean homes in Calgary that work with us

●    After Party Cleanup - We take care of the clean-up part after guests have happily returned home

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Contact Minty Fresh Cleaning for post party cleaning services to easily get all your house, office or commercial establishment post-party cleanup done with minimum hassles. Live clean and stay healthy with our comprehensive cleaning service in Calgary.


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