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Post Construction Cleaning

Quickly get rid of any debris or leftover rubbish with out post-construction cleaning


Got a home renovation or construction done? Get all the scrap and discarded material cleaned in one go with Minty Fresh. We help you dispose of all the leftover debris safely and return to your clean and beautiful home, without a worry!

What does post-construction include?

Our post-construction cleaning specializes in helping you restore the beauty of your home. We cover end-to-end cleaning which includes the following:


●    Removal of dirt, debris or construction marks left at your place

●    A quick dusting treatment for your entire home

●    Clean windows and door frames thoroughly

●    Inside cleaning for closets, kitchen compartments and counters

●    Pick up any packing or wrapping material left behind after construction


Why hire us for post construction?

Minty Fresh is a renowned name in Calgary for all kinds of cleaning services with a focus on post-construction cleaning. Our service ethics and customer satisfaction make us one of the most reliable vendors for carpet cleaning.


We reward our customers with


●    Flexible booking timings - book a visit in flexible slots

●    Hygiene conscious - be assured of your family’s health with our hygiene policies during and post-cleaning

●    Hazardous products - we take extra care to deal with hazardous products and chemicals left after construction

Schedule a Visit Now

Contact us for post-construction cleaning services to easily get all your house, office or commercial establishment cleaning done with minimum hassles. Live clean and stay healthy with our comprehensive cleaning service.

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