Furnace Cleaning

Eternal cleanliness of a spotless furnace is just a phone call away!


Minty Fresh is on a mission to make your life breathe and feel better with dedicated services for furnace cleaning. Being in the hygiene business for several years, we carry the latest equipment, responsible staff, and provide an inside-out cleaning your furnace has been longing for.

Why you should get your furnace regularly cleaned?

The same furnace that keeps you warm and cozy can turn into a health hazard if not cleaned up to the mark. This is because:


●    Harmful substances left after the combustion reduce the air quality around the furnace

●    Debris leftover in the furnace is a source of dirt and dust

●    The inner walls start to wear-off causing accumulation of incombustible matter

●    An unclean furnace is an eye-soar


We know that you don’t want any of the above for your furnace or home, hence, getting it cleaned must be on the top of your priority list. Minty Fresh is a cleaning company that proudly undertakes a thorough cleaning of your furnace to keep you and your furnace at the fittest?

Minty Fresh uses some of the most coveted techniques while following strict safety standards when it comes to furnace cleaning. Here’s what makes us a perfect candidate for your next furnace clean-up.


●    High capacity vacuum to remove every particle of dirt.

●    Safety accessories such as corner guards, drop sheets included.

●    Specialized cleaning for the blower

●    High-performance cleaning for your duct system

●    Use of business-grade machinery for keeping your ducts healthy

●    Both inside and outside of the furnace is covered


The above points make us one of the best cleaning service provider. Our skilled technicians and staff own up to their reputation with many happy customers across Alberta.