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Window Cleaning

Add a touch of grace to the windows adorned by your house, with our window cleaning service!


One can easily judge the hygiene of a house by checking the dirt sticking on the windows. No one wants the window panes to look stale or the glass to feel muddy, hence, Minty Fresh is ready to give you shiny bright windows with its window cleaning Calgary services.

What does our window cleaning include?

In order to do a thorough job, we provide window cleaning services for a wide range of requirements such as;


●    Residential window cleaning

●    Commercial window cleaning

●    Pure-Water window cleaning

May it be your home, office or condominium, we make the windows look their best. Equipped with modern accessories and skilled professionals, our window cleaning job transforms the beauty of the establishment.


Why hire us for window cleaning?

Minty Fresh covers all the bases when it comes to offering a reliable service to homes, gymnasiums, workplaces and restaurants. We always provide the following:


●    On-time service with flexible schedules and prompt action

●    We use eco-friendly materials in our cleaning process

●    Hygienic and well-trained staff for the best cleaning outcomes

●    Budget-friendly services that are a delight to your pocket

●    Calgary’s sprawling client-base trusts our service the most

Schedule a Visit Now

Contact us now for you window cleaning needs. Live clean and stay healthy with our comprehensive cleaning service.

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